Monday, 30 April 2012

October Members Photo

 Pam's Movie Night for her Grandaughter Alex, Pam not only made the cake but all the other goodies

Anthony was a Ballroom Dancer made by Carol
 My Grandaughter Madi's 7th Birthday Cake, she so loves CATS!!!

Pam's creation to match the dress of her Grandaughter's

 Cake made by Carol for a soccer player and reader. Eggless Chocolate Cake. (5 recipes)
Ombra Frills  8-2-13 by Carol
 Carol made this Wine Bottle for her partner Gerry for his 70th - his favourite
 In Porcelain made by Carol - Oncidium Orchid
 A Bit of Australia White Peacock  with a kookabura - isn't it gorgeous at a Wildlife park
 At Cape Hillsborough this was so amazing they were sitting outside our Hut, then went onto the Beach and just sat and watched the fisherman.
 All birds loved this, I took these photos because its so much like our Pohutekawa  - look at the sky!!!!
Carol made this for her Granddaughter Madison Age 6 Her request was I want Sponge Bob and all his friends, I never realized he had so many friends.  I made the figures out of Rice Bubbles - Recipe
50g Butter (unsalted)  200g white marshmallows   (I found the Mr. Mallow Pack is the best)  you can use the pink as well.  160g rice cereal (rice bubbles).    Melt the butter then add the marshmallows stir until melted. Stir for a further minute.  Remove from heat, add the cereal and stir until well coated.
     CONGRATULATIONS Debbie Creed who won GOLD First Prize in the Wellington Competitions
                for her spray of flowers   
 Pam made this beautiful cake for her 10 year old grandaughter.
                       Carol made this celebrating 25 years in the Labour Party
                                      White roses and pearls  for top of Wedding Cake
                                           Wedding Cake theme Black and White - Poly insert between cakes
  Baby's first doll from Debbie Brown's "Baby Cakes"  made entirely from Rice Bubble/Marshmellow mixture heading for a Dargarville demonstration, next week,  but Trish asked if I would demonstrate in November, so of course I said yes.. She is so much fun to make.
 This cake was made by Shelley  - a great idea for a 50th Birthday

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Members Photo

Pam's Operation Sugar cake

Mavis's Wedding Cake

Pam made this for her TWIN'S  granddaughter's birthday - Isn't it just gorgeous!!!!  Matches their dresses