Thursday, 16 August 2012

Big Day Out 2012 Winter Wonderland

Waitakere's Big Day Out 11th August,  wow what an amazing day, our display table was just fantastic, with all the help of our members bringing their creations to the Day, then Corrine Green displayed it, with the help of other members, with a great big tree covered in snow all lit up in the middle, with our Robins displayed on it and some owls.   Beautiful Bas Relief pictures, then the gorgeous Gingerbread Houses, flowers, snowmen and many other creations.
In the morning we had Gillian with her workshop creating 3 Gingerbread Houses each session, everybody had great fun helping, so many lollies and other goodies to make those Gingerbread Houses something special.      Gaye from Tauranga showed us how she created the Camellia - Snow Cloud and Colleen from Tauranga demonstrated Snowberries and snow on the Mountain.
In the afternoon, Corrine demonstrated her gorgeous Snowman and gave us lots of tips.
Iman, created her Polar Bear family and Husky and friends.
Jane and Carol created Gelatin Bubbles and Chocolate Balls, something a little different.
Then of course the amazing Food Table, with Iman's Penquin feeding his baby, in the middle, made out of chocolate cake. This was created for the birthday members, unfortunately half were not there so they missed out.  Yummy soup, savouries and a lovely cupcake stand with roses which just looked delightful.
Everybody helped in some way on the day, 129 people attended.   Then at the end the lucky number was
drawn for "Little and Friday" and Sarah our Vice President won it.   Then all the raffles were drawn, there were 9 Gingerbread Houses and at least 20 baskets,  all the Clubs that attended went home with something.

So here are some photos: