Wednesday, 22 January 2014

By all accounts our December Meeting was a blast, Mavis creating tables of high tea, with all the goodies baked by members.    Iman creating another amazing.... cake for the birthday girls and the "50"s theme.   All the Christmas Cakes created and donated to Age concern from the members.   I so missed not being there.

Also the girls dressing up in the "50's" Theme.  Sorry I don't have a photo to put up.

Next Meeting   AGM on Saturday
Iman made this for my birthday in shortbread.
8th February.   Iman is demonstrating "Mother Goose".
Don't forget your Fees $51 are due to be paid by 18th February.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hello friends, Sorry I have been so slack keeping this up to date.  Will have much more time when my Secretarial role comes to an end.   I can't believe we are nearly to the end of January 2014.   I am sure you have all been busy with your Christmas Cakes and all sorts of other creations.I hope you have had some relaxing times too.

We managed to give 72 Christmas Cakes to Age Concern, which were so so appreciated.  Debbie Creed created two cakes for hospice, ingredients donated by the Club.  Thank you to all those girls that gave their time and energies into the Cakes for Age Concern.

As most of you know I had a special Birthday, ugh! can't believe it, where did those years go ,but the last 20 cake years have been amazing... but I was so thoroughly spoilt. My darling friend Jane made me my cake.  Even Robert Haynes commented on it.- hows that.
Isn't it gorgeous.....
My children came over from Australia, which was really special.   The present they gave me is a walk on the Harbour bridge.  Just have to get my back better, then I am off.  Just need someone to join me. I have the ticket.  I was on the Milford Life Savers Float at 15, when the bridge first opened.

I must tell you this tale, that was put on Facebook.  -   It was put up by a cakey in England.
She had a client who said to her, her cakes were gorgeous BUT they were too expensive.  The client had worked out her budget.  The cost of the flour, eggs, sugar, fondant and the tin.  Which of course was well below quoted prices.  Cakey said of course she would do it, and deliver next week.  The client was thrilled and told her friends she had done this deal and couldn't wait to see the cake.
The next week the box arrived, inside what she ordered, flour, eggs, sugar, fondant and even the tin.
She was MAD and phoned cakey up, what is the meaning of this.  Well if you don't want to pay for the time, effort, skill, love and dedication to a cake, that is what you end up with.
So how true is this - remember, we work our buts off + more to please the client and make sure they have what they ordered. So don't underestimate your skills.